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Escape Houdini by Questeros

Escape Houdini by Questeros has a historical base. In one of his illusionist demonstrations, Harry Houdini escaped from the fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul in St. Petersburg. Angry about that, the prison chief designed a complicated system of traps to prevent this from happening again. Once your team enters the fearsome Петропавловская крепость you will be locked forever. At first the decoration of this room caught us by surprise,…

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Kidnapped in Barcelona

Kidnapped in Barcelona is the closest you can get to a movie (by Tarantino, of course!) where you will play the main character. If you expect a classic escape room forget about it. This game is very unconventional, from the very beginning until the end. The game begins with the kidnapping by the two characters of this mobsters story: el Moldavo (the Moldavian) and el Macarra (the Pimp), the former an unscrupulous Easter…

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Hostal 83 in Gironella

Hostal 83 is a horror masterpiece. Period. The game happens in a real abandoned hostel that theoretically is occupied by ghosts and where paranormal activities take place. Therefore, you may imagine that you will be frightened from the beginning until the end. We do not want to spoil any surprise but we must admit that there were some things that gave us the creeps. The atmosphere, the music, the facilities……

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Misión SWAT by Open Mind Cornellà

Misión SWAT (SWAT mission) by Open Mind Cornellà is an adrenaline kick. From minute 1 you will play the role of a SWAT agent (ageeeeeeents!) with an assignment as dangerous as thrilling. In the beginning they explain you that John was a SWAT soldier that led a team against a terrorist cell. In one of his missions there were some explosions and everyone managed to survive except for John, whose remains…

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The Bunker by Enigmik

At The Bunker by Enigmik  we enter the secret bunker of a scientist with the mission of recovering something of vital importance for all mankind. However, we only have 60 minutes to achieve that before getting trapped. In their website you won’t find information about the story, once inside the room you’ll get the first surprise. The atmosphere accomplishes its goal and it manages to give us the feeling of adventure…

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Pharaoh’s Curse by Escape Barcelona

Pharaoh’s Curse is a classic adventure escape room about explorers as if you were a character of the movie The Mummy. You will be an archaeologist with a mission that will take you to Cairo to make a revealing discovery about ancient Egypt. You can feel that this room belongs to the first generation of escape rooms in Barcelona in some parts of the game. The enigmas and challenges are classic, but they…

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The Vampiress of Barcelona by Escape Hunt Barcelona

Even though the first Foodinis began playing escape rooms with Parapark, the rest started with The Vampiress of Barcelona by Escape Hunt Barcelona, so we are quite fond of it. The story is exciting because it is based on true events. It is said that in the early 20th century Enriqueta Martí, the Vampiress of Barcelona, kidnapped young children. Could it be true? We have an hour to get into his…

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Barcelocked Escape Room

Barcelocked’s story is inspired on the provocative opinion from George Orwell according to whom the Sagrada Familia was one of the most hideous buildings in the world. This escape room fantasizes that Orwell ended up stealing the construction plans from Gaudí in order to avoid this monument to be completed. And there is where the game begins with the goal to rescue those plans. The space is quite dark, which…

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Escape Hunt Escuela Ladrones

School of Thieves by Escape Hunt Barcelona

In the early 1900s an important robbery occurred in a silver shop. We must infiltrate the Escape Hunt Barcelona School of Thieves in order to recover the stolen loot and escape. Excited about our experience with the Vampiress of Barcelona we repeated this franchise, but we got disappointed. As a consequence we gave up trying the third title: The Mystery of Gaudí. It is true that the story behind the Vampiress was more familiar…

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An Avalanche of Oblivion by Claustrophobia

In an Avalanche of Oblivion by Claustrophobia you got trapped in a cabin lost in the mountain after an avalanche. You have one hour to contact the rescue team and leave. You have to remember one thing here: it is an escape from the Russian franchise Claustrophobia which means a guaranteed wow effect. We knew the decoration and atmosphere would be amazing but we were more surprised than we thought. All…

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