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Franky Resurrection by Scaparium Vilanova

The renowned Dr. FK has been imprisoned on charges of dementia and witchcraft. In Franky Resurrection you can save him if you prove he’s not crazy. The story of this escape room gives a twist to the classic monster story. You and your team will take on the role of doctor’s assistants. You’ll have just one hour to carry out the experiment he’s worked so hard on. You’ll have to…

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The Mysterious Room by Secret Box Mataró

When we heard that there was an escape room with a movie theme from the 80s, all we wanted to do is book it and be able to go back in time! The Mysterious Room of Secret Box is a replica of the hallways of a hotel in Manhattan where you have to face ghosts and very disturbing paranormal phenomena. With that prerogative, Secret Box presents a room that is…

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El Paquete de la Bruja

El Paquete de la Bruja (The Witch’s Package in Spanish) offers a black magic workshop where you can study the art of voodoo, tarot, runes, potions or spells. It is a room for large groups, up to 25 people, in which players can form teams of up to 5 people and compete against each other. This is an escape hall, i.e. the whole game is played in the same room,…

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Estelar Trek Escape Room Sabadell

Captain’s log, star date -304680.25114. Today a group of cadets graduate from the Starfleet Academy and they will celebrate enjoying a trip on the federation flagship, the Enterprise. When we got to Estelar Trek we knew that we were those lucky cadets, even though we could expect something to go wrong, right? The game master greets us and quickly explains the details of our mission. He also introduces us to…

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Until Dawn by Clau Manresa

The story of Until Dawn by Clau Manresa is about the Freeman family and the tragic events that took place at their home many years ago. Since then rumor has it that the building is cursed and that the spirits of the people who died there have not found rest; will you be able to spend the night in that house without falling into the clutches of fear? Until Dawn…

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Inmortum in Gironella

Inmortum in Gironella can be considered as the spin-off of Hostal 83. This charismatic pal, Mii, used to be the secondary character of the hostel. However, in Inmortum, Mii decided that he deserved all the prominence and managed to convince the creators of the room to have his own escape room. Although it is not essential, we recommend you to play first at Hostal 83 in order to enjoy all the allusions and references. The…

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Sinner by Top Secret Room Escape

Sinner is quite a mystery, until you make your reservation don’t expect to know the story behind this game. We can just say that as usual with almost any escape room in the end things change for the worse. Upon arrival, the game master gives us the typical pre-game talk and we get straight to the room. Once inside, the story unfolds correctly and everything makes sense. The decoration is…

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Escape Houdini by Questeros

Escape Houdini by Questeros has a historical base. In one of his illusionist demonstrations, Harry Houdini escaped from the fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul in St. Petersburg. Angry about that, the prison chief designed a complicated system of traps to prevent this from happening again. Once your team enters the fearsome Петропавловская крепость you will be locked forever. At first the decoration of this room caught us by surprise,…

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Secreto Moctezuma

Moctezuma’s Treasure by Escape Rooms Mexico Condesa

Escape Rooms Mexico Condesa was one of the first escape room companies in Mexico City and remains a reference of escapism in the country. One of its rooms is called el Tesoro de Moctezuma (Moctezuma’s Treasure) and two Foodinis played it on a trip to Mexico City. Faced with the annihilation at the hands of the Spanish conquerors, Moctezuma, the Aztec Emperor, on his deathbed ordered to hide his treasure.…

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Kidnapped in Barcelona

Kidnapped in Barcelona is the closest you can get to a movie (by Tarantino, of course!) where you will play the main character. If you expect a classic escape room forget about it. This game is very unconventional, from the very beginning until the end. The game begins with the kidnapping by the two characters of this mobsters story: el Moldavo (the Moldavian) and el Macarra (the Pimp), the former an unscrupulous Easter…

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