Rise of the Machines by Questeros

Rise of the Machines by Questeros is inspired by the Terminator movies in order to transport you to a post-apocalyptic future where the human being has been wiped out from the face of the Earth. Your mission will be to infiltrate an old bunker of the corporation that designed those robots in order to deactivate the main reactor and thus save the human race from its extinction. The decoration of the…

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Myra Savage’s Story by House of Whispers (closed)

House of Whispers 1 is a classic horror escape room. The macabre story, as you can imagine, is full of ghosts and murders and revolves around a famous medium in the Hollywood from the happy twenties. The whole experience was incredible, the game master really nailed it with his performance. We got terrified just by his introduction, right before bursting into action. Obviously, we had to solve some puzzles and…

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Jurassic Land by Escape Barcelona

Jurassic Land invites you to the facilities of the biggest dinosaur theme park of the world. Obviously, you know that in those places anything could happen.  Once more, the Escape Barcelona signature offers an adventure escape room getting the inspiration from the big Hollywood movies. Just like with all their other creations, this is their seal of quality. The immersion is total thanks to a good decoration and atmosphere. You will enjoy like a child…

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Prisioners of Alkaban by Maximum Escape

In this escape room we merged ourselves into the famous magical prison of Alkaban (no, there’s no typo). We are a group of wizards that dared doing some magic in front of humans.  To begin with the intro by the game master is correct without being anything extraordinary. He simply tells you the story and that’s it. The room decorations is spectacular, almost at the level of a theme park. It clearly…

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The Thinking Room by White Rabbit

The Thinking Room by White Rabbit is an atypical escape room. As a matter of fact, some purists might argue that it is not an escape room at all. Anyway the idea behind this game is quite stunning: there is only one physical room with a single piece of furniture in the middle of it. You will spend 60 minutes inside this room trying to solve all the enigmas and…

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Christmas special by Intríngulis

The story is very appropriate for the dates when you can book this experience: the Christmas special by Intríngulis lies in helping to find Santa Claus to deliver the gifts on time. The game is aimed at families to be solved in a collaborative way. The enigmas are diverse but all are quite easy which makes the game to flow. We did it the first year and since then they told us that…

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The Bunker by Enigmik

At The Bunker by Enigmik  we enter the secret bunker of a scientist with the mission of recovering something of vital importance for all mankind. However, we only have 60 minutes to achieve that before getting trapped. In their website you won’t find information about the story, once inside the room you’ll get the first surprise. The atmosphere accomplishes its goal and it manages to give us the feeling of adventure…

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The Dungeon by Maximum Escape

In this room we will be prisoners in a gloomy medieval dungeon, we must get out before the executioners come back to torture us. The intro done by the game master didn’t manage to get us into the story, fortunately the atmosphere put us soon in situation. The decoration of the room is very good, as often is the case with all the games by Maximum Escape. The enigmas in general are well…

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Tolok Roomscape

Tolok Roomscape is an adventure escape room in the best Indiana Jones style that will take you to the old Mayan civilization. Tolok is immersive, a true themed escape room where you will enjoy each and every element. The decoration has been done with great detail, it is really impressive. The enigmas and challenges given are original and fun, some of them with a magic touch. They are perfectly integrated…

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