La Creación by Cronologic

Cronologic is a famous time travel agency. Today we will embark on a time travel that will send us back to the time we choose ourselves! What could go wrong? Here we are again at Cronologic, one of the most famous rooms in the city, this time to play in their first room that has been completely refurbished. If you have visited the old Cronologic 1 you can play this…

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Whitechapel Room Escape

Whitechapel Room Escape takes us to 19th century London, where Jack the Ripper terrorized the population by carving up five poor prostitutes. It seems that a new murderer has been inspired by these chilling events and is once again spreading panic in this London neighborhood. The start of the game will come from the hand of Sam, a mysterious (and somewhat creepy) blind man, who will put you in a…

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Últim Avís (Last Call)

Little can be said about the story, except that you must speed to the airport, take a flight and reach a pleasant destination if you make the right decisions. Don’t wait for the Últim Avís! (last call, in Catalan, but do not worry you can play it also in Spanish or English). It is a very immersive game and our game master, Sergi, improved a lot the experience. The decoration…

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Vault 27 by Maximum Escape

Nuclear war has decimated most the planet’s population, some privileged few have managed to survive and you are among them. Now the time to go back to surface has come, but a series of obstacles keep you inside the den. Can you escape from the shelter before your support unit fails altogether? With this premise of an apocalyptic movie we will face a magnificently decorated escape room. The decoration of…

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El Paquete de la Bruja

El Paquete de la Bruja (The Witch’s Package in Spanish) offers a black magic workshop where you can study the art of voodoo, tarot, runes, potions or spells. It is a room for large groups, up to 25 people, in which players can form teams of up to 5 people and compete against each other. This is an escape hall, i.e. the whole game is played in the same room,…

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Circus by Bizarre Escape Room

So when we arrive a little late to the Circus show, they invite us into the tent andwe are told to wait for the host. Once in, we notice something strange, we are not in the seating area but we are fulfilling the dream of many children: to explore the Circus behind the scenes! In the Bizarre rooms you will find good design everywhere, from posters to advertising, gift boxes, the…

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Darkness by Maximum Escape

Beware of darkness, it is full of fantastic beings and monsters. Yes, those monsters you believed existed when you were a child, turn out to be real, so do not laugh, just take it seriously or you will regret it. Darnkess by Maximum Escape is a trip towards your childhood, it will wake up your memories and feelings from your childhood when you were in the shadows. The latest room…

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Submarino by Immersion Escape Room

Submarino by Immersion gets you into the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea while controlling a submarine. It is a different room in the sense that it offers a game close to the simulation classics. If you enjoyed classic simulation computer games such as Flight Simulator or Silent Hunter, we are sure this is your escape room. You will be part, along with your teammates, of a crew of a…

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Alien de Escape Barcelona

Alien: the Origin by Escape Barcelona

Alien: the Origin, another great Hollywood classic turned into an escape room in a flawless way. Something that seemed impossible has come true. The guys from Escape Barcelona have once again surpassed themselves, creating what is probably the best escape room in Barcelona nowadays. If you are a fan of the great work of Ridley Scott, you can not miss this escape room where you can experience the film in first…

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Kidnapped in Barcelona

Interview with Kidnapped in Barcelona

We had the opportunity to interview the most feared kidnappers in Barcelona. The hiding place of the band of criminals is located right behind the most feared hairdresser in the city, which is right next to that bar where they serve the hottest spicy french fries in town. Tetraedrik managed to enter this place carrying his video equipment and was able to extract the truth from those stony-hearted criminals about…

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