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Position Escape Room City Category Rate
1 Alien: el Origen de Escape Barcelona Barcelona Sci-fi 9.43
2 Cronologic 2 Barcelona Sci-fi 9.40
3 Catalepsia by Horror Box Barcelona Scary 9.20
3 La Mina by Unreal Room Escape Barcelona Quest 9.20
4 Futura Escape Room Pineda de Mar Quest 9.13
5 Until Dawn by Clau Manresa Manresa Horror 9.10
6 Cóctel del Doctor and Xperiment by Insomnia Corp Berga Horror 9.00
7 Hostal 83 Gironella Horror 8.93
8 Kidnapped in Barcelona Barcelona Action 8.90
9 House of Whispers 1 (closed) Barcelona Horror 8.88
10 Can Bruna Vilafranca del Penedès Mystery 8.78
11 Petit Piaf Hotel by Intríngulis Barcelona Mystery 8.53
12 Misión SWAT by Open Mind Cornellà Cornellà Action 8.52
13 Clow Key by Escapa del Miedo Granollers Horror 8.50
14 El secuestro by Cubick Mataró Mataró Thriller 8.49
15 Whitechapel Room Escape Barcelona Horror 8.38
16 Vault 27 by Maximum Escape Barcelona Thriller 8.37
16 Circus by Bizarre Escape Room Barcelona Fantasy 8.37
17 La Entrevista by Cubick Mataró Mataró Thriller 8.36
18 Bandits by Granollers Experience Granollers Quest 8.35
19 Maximum Darkness Barcelona Quest 8.33
19 Tolok Roomscape Barcelona Quest 8.33
20 Jurassic Land by Escape Barcelona Barcelona Ques 8.31
21 Fake Hunters by Intríngulis por Halloween Barcelona Scary 8.28
21 Últim Avis Barcelona Quest 8.28
22 Inmortum Gironella Horror 8.20
22 Encrypt Escape Room Barcelona Thriller 8.20
23 Estelar Trek Sabadell Sci-fi 8.18
24 ¿Vacaciones? de Dale al Coco Madrid Madrid Quest 8.13
25 Una Avalancha del Olvido de Claustrophobia Andorra Thriller 8.08
26 Bajo Zero by Escapem Sabadell Sabadell Quest 8.06
27 Mysterious Room by Secret Box Mataró Quest 8.05
28 Atropos Dream version Barcelona Scary 8.03
29 Cronologic La Creación Barcelona Quest 7.97
30 The Prison by Chicken Banana Barcelona Action 7.94
31 Frankie Ressurection by Scaparium Vilanova Vilanova i la Geltrú Thriller 7.93
32 Pesadilla en Diputación by Questeros Barcelona Scary 7.90
33 Boom Escape (Scaparium) Several Portable 7.85
34 Toys by Bizarre Escape Room Barcelona Fantasy 7.82
35 El Templo Perdido by Escape Barcelona Barcelona Quest 7.78
36 Moorder by Golden Pop Barcelona Crime 7.76
37 Prisioneros de Alkaban by Maximum Escape Barcelona Quest 7.69
38 La Maldición del Faraón by Escape Barcelona Barcelona Quest 7.65
38 La caída del régimen by Abduction Badalona Historical 7.65
38 Lance of Longinus by Time Run London Historical 7.65
39 Cronologic 1 (closed) Barcelona Historical 7.64
40 Christmas Special by Intríngulis Barcelona Seasonal 7.61
41 El virus by Enigma Room Escape Barcelona Thriller 7.57
41 Inmersion Escape Room Barcelona Quest 7.57
42 Rebelión de las Máquinas by Questeros Barcelona Thriller 7.45
43 Atropos Nightmare version Barcelona Horror 7.43
44 The Dungeon by Maximum Escape Barcelona Historical 7.41
45 Blackhole by Save Amsterdam Amsterdam Sci-fi 7.40
46 Barcelocked Escape Room Barcelona Historical 7.33
47 Lady Chastity’s Reserve London Drama 7.30
48 Las Profecías de El Bosco by Totem Escape Room Barcelona Historical 7.16
49 Barum Dum by Cinemaescape Barcelona Quest 7.14
50 Sinner by Top Secret Room Escape Barcelona Thriller 7.03
51 Mr. Ascott de Conundroom Barcelona Mystery 6.98
52 L’esquellot by Escape Room Vilaller Vilaller Quest 6.95
52 Escape Houdini by Questeros Barcelona Historical 6.95
52 El Búnker by Enigmik Barcelona Sci-fi 6.95
53 The Thinking Room 1 by White Rabbit Barcelona Other 6.86
54 Psiquiatría by Chicken Banana Barcelona Thriller 6.78
55 El Paquete de la Bruja Barcelona Portable 6.68
56 Proyecto Target Barcelona Mystery 6.51
57 Habitáculo 113 de Parapark (closed) Barcelona Crime 6.50
58 Roomin Gràcia Barcelona Crime 6.40
59 La Vampira del Raval by Escape Hunt Barcelona Barcelona Crime 6.38
60 Mafia by Chicken Banana Barcelona Crime 5.95
61 The Room Escape Kessler Galimany Barcelona Historical 5.94
62 Escuela de ladrones by Escape Hunt Barcelona Barcelona Crime 5.86
63 El Tesoro de Moctezuma by Escape Mexico Mexico DF Quest 5.50
64 El Misterio de la Mansión by Mystery Escape Barcelona Historical 5.31
65 Escape Albacete Albacete Thriller 4.45
66 El prisionero by Señor Escape (closed) Barcelona Quest 4.35

How we score

In the Ranking Foodinis we evaluate the following parameters, punctuating them from 1 to 10: history, decoration, immersion, gameplay, enigmas and skill of the game master. Each aspect has a different weight when calculating the total value.

The score is the result of averaging the scores of all Foodinis who have played that escape room. There are values that may vary if the Foodinis who had not played it, do it later.

All our opinions are subjective and everyone draws their own conclusions. We try to be objective, but we are …human. People with very different concerns and tastes, by the way.

Categories and tags

You will find the escape rooms organized according to categories similar to those used in the cinema industry.

We recommend that you visit the tags at the end of each review to find similar rooms or navigate according to criteria such as location, difficulty, public, or even to see the other rooms of the same company.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us.

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