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(Many thanks to Intríngulis Petit Piaf Hotel for letting us take the group photo in their room, one of our favorites!!)

The Foodinis

/Foodies + Houdinis = Foodinis/

In 2014 two of us made our first escape room and we were so delighted that we convinced the rest of the group to try it out. How could it be otherwise, we ended up addicted.

We love playing in rooms where the love and hours dedicated to the decoration and ambiance can be felt and great taste for the detail of the creators can be seen. We care more about the ideas and love put by other escape rooms lovers rather than the wealth and special effects without a soul. We do sound like hippies, what can we do?

We are also gluttons. We are big fans of home-made horchata (tigernut milk), special donuts and stuffed croissants. However, we also love savoury food. We enjoy both the famous greasy burger restaurants as well as the sophisticated restaurant of exotic cuisine.

Hence the name, we are foodies emulating the great escapist Houdini. The Foodinis.

We are a very heterogenous group and we do not coincide in tastes and topics, so here you can see a summary of each one of us and our preferences.


Sr Torres

Geek, especially Star Wars fan. He loves escape rooms with a story well told with coherent enigmas and immersion. He dislikes terror escape rooms. He is the mind behind Brickcelona, ​​two LEGO minifigures strolling around the city.

Top rooms: La Mina, Cronologic 2, Bandidos


Feline lover and passionate about history, in another life he would have liked to be Indiana Jones. He loves adventure escape rooms and those that introduce actors during the game. He misses those times of Monkey Island or King’s Quest.

Top rooms: Catalepsia, Kidnapped in BCN, The Thinking Room.


Escaperoom lover, photographer and architect. He loves horror escape rooms and scream until he loses his voice. If you need a photographer for your escape room, blog or architectural project, do not hesitate.

Top rooms: Misión SWAT, Hostal 83, La Mina.


He likes escape rooms based on adventures and action, but, above all, they have to be disruptive and incorporate new features. Terror escape rooms do not interest him. He enjoys music, horchata (tigernut milk) and a good crime novel.

Top rooms: Fake Hunters, Jurassic Land, Cronologic 2.

Escape and eat

When we meet to play an escape room we always end up having a snack or dinner … or both! So we take the opportunity to update ourselves and also to make comments on the game we just played, review the riddles we liked the most, etc.

Our website comes to share our opinions of the different escape rooms we have made, as well as the restaurants, bakeries, horchaterías (yes, we do have dedicated places to drink tigernut milk!) and ice cream parlors neighboring each escape room. We hope it can serve as a reference for other groups of players.

The restaurants or patisseries that we recommend are listed because we liked them at that time, or that we often visited as clients.

Do you like our photos?

Our Foodini Tetraedrik is a professional photographer and crazy about escape rooms. His photos recreate and transmit the essence of the game with a lot of passion and without spoilers.

If you are interested on his work, you can contact him here.

You can use the images that appear on the website to promote an escape room, as long as you do not modify them and please mention the credits.

Bon appétit!

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