La Creación by Cronologic

Cronologic is a famous time travel agency. Today we will embark on a time travel that will send us back to the time we choose ourselves! What could go wrong? Here we are again at Cronologic, one of the most famous rooms in the city, this time to play in their first room that has been completely refurbished. If you have visited the old Cronologic 1 you can play this…

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Black Hole Amsterdam

Black Hole by Save Amsterdam

Black Hole by Save Amsterdam is the first room we played in the Dutch capital. Save Amsterdam has three rooms where players have to save the city from some kind of catastrophe. In the case of Black Hole you have to save it from being destroyed by a black hole formed by mistake during a physics experiment. The decoration and the sound effects improve the immersion. The room is quite…

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Vault 27 by Maximum Escape

Nuclear war has decimated most the planet’s population, some privileged few have managed to survive and you are among them. Now the time to go back to surface has come, but a series of obstacles keep you inside the den. Can you escape from the shelter before your support unit fails altogether? With this premise of an apocalyptic movie we will face a magnificently decorated escape room. The decoration of…

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Estelar Trek Escape Room Sabadell

Captain’s log, star date -304680.25114. Today a group of cadets graduate from the Starfleet Academy and they will celebrate enjoying a trip on the federation flagship, the Enterprise. When we got to Estelar Trek we knew that we were those lucky cadets, even though we could expect something to go wrong, right? The game master greets us and quickly explains the details of our mission. He also introduces us to…

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Alien de Escape Barcelona

Alien: the Origin by Escape Barcelona

Alien: the Origin, another great Hollywood classic turned into an escape room in a flawless way. Something that seemed impossible has come true. The guys from Escape Barcelona have once again surpassed themselves, creating what is probably the best escape room in Barcelona nowadays. If you are a fan of the great work of Ridley Scott, you can not miss this escape room where you can experience the film in first…

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Cronologic 2

Cronologic 2 is the worthy successor of Cronologic, a sci-fi escape room on time travel. We will start our adventure choosing the time destination where we want to travel and from there we will cross our fingers hoping nothing goes wrong. The game masters play their role very well and help in the immersion from the very moment that you go through the door. It’s one of those cases where you can clearly…

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The Bunker by Enigmik

At The Bunker by Enigmik  we enter the secret bunker of a scientist with the mission of recovering something of vital importance for all mankind. However, we only have 60 minutes to achieve that before getting trapped. In their website you won’t find information about the story, once inside the room you’ll get the first surprise. The atmosphere accomplishes its goal and it manages to give us the feeling of adventure…

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