House Whispers Olivia Farmer

The Case of Olivia Farmer by House of Whispers

With the case of Olivia Farmer, the well-known escape room House of Whispers returns to the Barcelona scene and presents a new story. You will need to unveil the mysteries of the house to understand the true story of this interesting character who lived in the golden age of Hollywood and moved to Barcelona, ​​where we lost track of her. Before playing we recommend you to read the case of…

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Cocktail of the Doctor and Xperiment by Insomnia Corporation

It was worth waiting more than two months after making the reservation. We played both Cockatil of the Doctor and Xperiment, the two proposals by Insomnia Corporation, one after the other. Actually we’d say it’s almost mandatory to do it like this. For this reason we thought it only made sense to do it as a single review. The experience we lived in Berga was incredible! The arrival is a bit what the fuck? when…

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Mr. Ascott by Conundroom

The story is about the disappearance of a businessman, Mr. Ascott, who works buying and selling art pieces and had a very important transaction before he vanished. Your mission will be to discover the whereabouts of the art dealer as well as the artwork. Conundroom has the virtue that its name already gives us a clue as to the degree of difficulty that we are going to find in this escape…

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Petit Piaf Hotel by Intríngulis

You do the check-in as a guest of the Petit Piaf Hotel by Intríngulis, a rather peculiar establishment, where each of the members of the group get a suitcase with secret instructions. Their twisted plot is worthy of Agatha Christie herself and it is what really draws your attention: if you are the first in finding the code to get out you can choose to open the door for everyone……

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Hostal 83 in Gironella

Hostal 83 is a horror masterpiece. Period. The game happens in a real abandoned hostel that theoretically is occupied by ghosts and where paranormal activities take place. Therefore, you may imagine that you will be frightened from the beginning until the end. We do not want to spoil any surprise but we must admit that there were some things that gave us the creeps. The atmosphere, the music, the facilities……

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The Vampiress of Barcelona by Escape Hunt Barcelona

Even though the first Foodinis began playing escape rooms with Parapark, the rest started with The Vampiress of Barcelona by Escape Hunt Barcelona, so we are quite fond of it. The story is exciting because it is based on true events. It is said that in the early 20th century Enriqueta Martí, the Vampiress of Barcelona, kidnapped young children. Could it be true? We have an hour to get into his…

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Lady Chastity’s Reserve

Lady Chastity took the recipe for the aphrodisiac wine she produced in her vineyards to her grave, but there’s still a bottle of this precious elixir left. Will you be able to find it? The escape rooms of Lady Chastity’s Reserve are located inside real pubs. While you are inside you hear the footsteps and the chatting of the regular customers, which makes a peculiar atmosphere. The enigmas alternate with special effects…

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The Room Escape Kessler Galimany

Kessler Galimany is an escape room of intrigue and mystery with an original approach: a family saga of pastry chefs hides an enigmatic secret that you must help to discover. The game starts at the Kessler Galimany cake shop itself while we sit at the cafeteria tables with the rest of the customers. The game master will take you to this delicious mystery while offering you an incentive: if the group…

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The Mystery of the Manor by Mystery Escape

The Mystery of the Manor by Mystery Escape is an escape room that can be played in competition mode, as it offers the same game in 4 rooms. This establishment is included among those designed by large franchises or investors. Therefore, it is oriented to big audiences and leaves aside the care for the small details that make a good escape room special. However, unlike other more ambitious franchises, the atmosphere…

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