Whitechapel Room Escape

Whitechapel Room Escape takes us to 19th century London, where Jack the Ripper terrorized the population by carving up five poor prostitutes. It seems that a new murderer has been inspired by these chilling events and is once again spreading panic in this London neighborhood. The start of the game will come from the hand of Sam, a mysterious (and somewhat creepy) blind man, who will put you in a…

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Until Dawn by Clau Manresa

The story of Until Dawn by Clau Manresa is about the Freeman family and the tragic events that took place at their home many years ago. Since then rumor has it that the building is cursed and that the spirits of the people who died there have not found rest; will you be able to spend the night in that house without falling into the clutches of fear? Until Dawn…

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Inmortum in Gironella

Inmortum in Gironella can be considered as the spin-off of Hostal 83. This charismatic pal, Mii, used to be the secondary character of the hostel. However, in Inmortum, Mii decided that he deserved all the prominence and managed to convince the creators of the room to have his own escape room. Although it is not essential, we recommend you to play first at Hostal 83 in order to enjoy all the allusions and references. The…

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Mii’s intimate life

This is an intimate portrait of Mii, the creator of two of the most famous escape rooms in Catalonia: Inmortum and Hostal 83. With photographs that illustrate personal moments and lesser-known aspects of the reserved lifestyle of this celebrity from Berguedà, it is clear that this celebrity does not leave anyone indifferent. Mii is not only well known but also envied in the escapist industry. Some urbanites call him “the…

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Interview to Insomnia Corporation Berga

Some weeks ago we had the chance to interview Climent Vila, one of the creators of Insomnia Corporation, in Berga. After reading so many good reviews we knew that it was going to be one of our best experiences and it definitely it didn’t disappoint us. After playing their rooms in February 2018 this experience went directly to our TOP 5 and, as it usually happens with our favorite rooms, it got…

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Cocktail of the Doctor and Xperiment by Insomnia Corporation

It was worth waiting more than two months after making the reservation. We played both Cockatil of the Doctor and Xperiment, the two proposals by Insomnia Corporation, one after the other. Actually we’d say it’s almost mandatory to do it like this. For this reason we thought it only made sense to do it as a single review. The experience we lived in Berga was incredible! The arrival is a bit what the fuck? when…

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Hostal 83 in Gironella

Hostal 83 is a horror masterpiece. Period. The game happens in a real abandoned hostel that theoretically is occupied by ghosts and where paranormal activities take place. Therefore, you may imagine that you will be frightened from the beginning until the end. We do not want to spoil any surprise but we must admit that there were some things that gave us the creeps. The atmosphere, the music, the facilities……

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Catalepsia by Horror Box

The argument behind Catalepsia by Horror Box couldn’t be more provocative: could you survive your own burial? Definitely it is not a room for the general public since just a few people would accept the challenge of getting into a coffin but we have to admit the experience was well worth it. Oh yeah! We went there with our stomachs in a knot since we didn’t know what emotions we would have…

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Myra Savage’s Story by House of Whispers (closed)

House of Whispers 1 is a classic horror escape room. The macabre story, as you can imagine, is full of ghosts and murders and revolves around a famous medium in the Hollywood from the happy twenties. The whole experience was incredible, the game master really nailed it with his performance. We got terrified just by his introduction, right before bursting into action. Obviously, we had to solve some puzzles and…

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Encrypt Escape Room

Encrypt Escape Room is a room with a scary theme without being a horror one. The tension is guaranteed and, as one can deduct after looking at their website, the story is very macabre but at the same time is suitable for players that aren’t comfortable with a “tunnel of terror” experience. We want to highlight the care with which they decorated and themed the different rooms. The multiple puzzles and enigmas…

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