The Mysterious Room by Secret Box Mataró

When we heard that there was an escape room with a movie theme from the 80s, all we wanted to do is book it and be able to go back in time! The Mysterious Room of Secret Box is a replica of the hallways of a hotel in Manhattan where you have to face ghosts and very disturbing paranormal phenomena. With that prerogative, Secret Box presents a room that is…

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El Secuestro by Cubick Mataró

A kidnapping has shocked the city. It’s about María, a 9-year-old girl who has been missing for more than a month. Finally, the kidnapper has given signs of life, has made known his whereabouts and has challenged the most intelligent and capable agents to save the girl… if they dare to. We dared and now we can share our experience. From the minute you enter the room the immersion in…

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Secreto Moctezuma

Moctezuma’s Treasure by Escape Rooms Mexico Condesa

Escape Rooms Mexico Condesa was one of the first escape room companies in Mexico City and remains a reference of escapism in the country. One of its rooms is called el Tesoro de Moctezuma (Moctezuma’s Treasure) and two Foodinis played it on a trip to Mexico City. Faced with the annihilation at the hands of the Spanish conquerors, Moctezuma, the Aztec Emperor, on his deathbed ordered to hide his treasure.…

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Kidnapped in Barcelona

Kidnapped in Barcelona is the closest you can get to a movie (by Tarantino, of course!) where you will play the main character. If you expect a classic escape room forget about it. This game is very unconventional, from the very beginning until the end. The game begins with the kidnapping by the two characters of this mobsters story: el Moldavo (the Moldavian) and el Macarra (the Pimp), the former an unscrupulous Easter…

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La Mina by Unreal Room Escape

La Mina (the Mine) is an adventure escape room set in St. Louis, in the interior of the US. You will have to figure out the reasons about why the Dunklerde enterprise reopened this old mine. A few years ago there was an accident where some miners got trapped inside. You have been chosen because it is clear that this mission is not an easy one.  The atmosphere is simply mindblowing and it…

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Rise of the Machines by Questeros

Rise of the Machines by Questeros is inspired by the Terminator movies in order to transport you to a post-apocalyptic future where the human being has been wiped out from the face of the Earth. Your mission will be to infiltrate an old bunker of the corporation that designed those robots in order to deactivate the main reactor and thus save the human race from its extinction. The decoration of the…

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Misión SWAT by Open Mind Cornellà

Misión SWAT (SWAT mission) by Open Mind Cornellà is an adrenaline kick. From minute 1 you will play the role of a SWAT agent (ageeeeeeents!) with an assignment as dangerous as thrilling. In the beginning they explain you that John was a SWAT soldier that led a team against a terrorist cell. In one of his missions there were some explosions and everyone managed to survive except for John, whose remains…

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Bandits by Granollers Experience

The wild west is tough, that’s why sometimes you had to break the law. Since not always plans went well, in Bandits by Granollers Experience you will be an outlaw locked up by the sheriff. You and your clan will be taken to the Rich Hill prison. Once inside you are given a tip to escape… will you be able to do it before the inspector comes back? You just have…

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Prison by Chicken Banana

We knew that Prison by Chicken Banana was the most difficult one among the games offered by this company. That’s why we decided to give it a try and, as a matter of fact, it didn’t disappoint us. The game master of Prison got into character from minute the door gets opened. We appreciated that especially in such an unattractive environment. Our mission was to break from the cell in order to overthrow…

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Barcelocked Escape Room

Barcelocked’s story is inspired on the provocative opinion from George Orwell according to whom the Sagrada Familia was one of the most hideous buildings in the world. This escape room fantasizes that Orwell ended up stealing the construction plans from Gaudí in order to avoid this monument to be completed. And there is where the game begins with the goal to rescue those plans. The space is quite dark, which…

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